T-TESS Cube Unpacking the Rubric

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• One for Each Dimension
• Easy to Understand
The easiest way
for teachers to connect
the T-TESS Rubric to
classroom instruction

It doesn't get any easier than this. These mini-courses give my teachers a complete understanding of the dimensions, what proficient teaching looks like, and what I will be looking for during the observation.



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Key Benefits for Administrators

  • Description of the T-TESS dimension and the associated Texas Teaching Standards
  • Unpacks the T-TESS dimension by performance levels
  • Appraiser “Look Fors” - What the appraiser will be looking for during the observation
  • Possible sources of evidence for the dimension

Instruction | Domain 2

"I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. The presenter introduced the information in a clear format that I was able to absorb. I thought the information was extremely applicable to my classroom." - AMANDA, KERRVILLE ISD

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