T-TESS Cube Refresher

• Review T-TESS
• Save Time
• Record Progress
This 1-hour online course
highlights the important
elements for returning

Give all your returning teachers a fresh start with this perfect refresher course covering the most important aspects of T-TESS.


Key Benefits for Administrators

  • Consistency and Fidelity: Every teacher will receive the exact same training.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Teachers can complete the training from any where, at any time.
  • Accountability and Tracking: Administrators can easily run reports showing teacher progress and completion.

What Teachers Are Saying

Course Reviews
4.9 Stars | 10,987 Reviews

This course gives teachers a refresher about what T-TESS is really about and how the purpose of it is to really provide feedback to improve the teaching, lessons, and differentiated instruction for the teacher’s and student’s success. | ANGELICA | TX | VANGUARD ACADEMY

It explains really well what the T-TESS is all about and how teachers can use it to their advantage to better their craft. | ANNA | TX | DONNA ISD

It really helped me get a better understanding of the T-TESS cycle and helped me set my goals. | ADRIANA | TX | MANOR SD

GREAT refresher course! To the point and effective! | ASHLEY | TX | CANYON ISD



The T-TESS Refresher highlights the most important elements of T-TESS for returning teachers and is a big time saver for administrators.

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Very helpful. Loved that I can do this on my own time. I also enjoyed the varying examples given with different grade levels/subjects. - KELLEY, SPRING ISD

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