T-TESS Cube Orientation

• Prepare Teachers
• Meet State Requirements
• Save Time
This 3-hour online
orientation course is
perfect for new teachers

This 3-hour online orientation covers the main elements of the T-TESS appraisal system and meets the state's requirements for new teachers. Set your teachers' feet on solid T-TESS ground without adding more to the busy schedules of administrators.


Key Benefits for Administrators

  • State Requirements: Easily meet the state‚Äôs requirement for new teachers, especially late hires.
  • Consistency and Fidelity: Rest assured that every teacher will receive the exact same training.
  • Accountability and Tracking: Administrators can easily run reports showing teacher progress and completion.
  • Unused seats rollover.

What Teachers Are Saying

Course Reviews
4.8 Stars | 800 Reviews

It was easy to understand, and I liked how it broke down the relationship between learning outcomes, student behavior and teacher behavior. | GLENANN | TX | HUTTO ISD

It was informative and I like the set up with videos and responses spread out through the course. | MEGAN | TX | WSISD

Very good. It gives you time to read and reread and become even more knowledgeable about T-TESS which makes you more confident about the observation. | PARMANDINA | TX | CARRIZO SPRINGS CONSOLIDATED ISD

The course was easy to use and time management-friendly. The course allows you to work at your own pace and if you have time for one module a day, it is able to accommodate you. | PATRICIA | TX | LAMAR CONSOLIDATED ISD



Set your teachers' feet on solid T-TESS ground without adding more to the busy schedules of administrators

"Very clear and well put together. Appropriate length and depth of knowledge. The discussion questions were thought-provoking."- ADAM, HUTTO ISD

Prepare teachers for T-TESS, meet state requirements, and save time with expert instructors. Start streaming your professional development online today.