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Don’t Let Your Gifted Students Get Left Behind During Virtual Learning

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Don’t Let Your Gifted Students Get Left Behind During Virtual Learning

Most educators never imagined that they would teach outside of a traditional classroom, yet the Coronavirus pandemic has led to most educators engaging in virtual learning at some point. Teaching in a virtual environment comes with many new challenges and possibilities.

While many educators are aware of the challenges that students with disabilities face in a virtual learning environment, gifted students sometimes get forgotten. Educators might mistakenly believe that since a student is gifted they will be able to seamlessly integrate into online learning. 

But virtual learning presents many challenges to all students and teachers, and gifted students are no exception. We already know that gifted learners have different needs from other students, so how do we support them in a virtual learning environment? 

Supporting gifted students virtually

Portrait of woman teacher teaching online, coronavirus and online distance learning concept.

The best way to help gifted students thrive virtually is to provide them with the tools they need. Gifted students need to be challenged academically and supported through virtual learning. 

Thankfully, there are many resources that you can use to create a successful virtual learning environment for your gifted students. 

In the one-hour course, Meeting the Needs of Gifted Learners in a Virtual Environment, expert gifted educator Lisa Van Gemert shares her best tips and tricks for helping gifted students thrive with online learning. Ms. Van Gemert is an author, speaker, and veteran gifted educator who is leading the way in creating resources and training for gifted teachers. 

This course was created to give educators practical, hands-on advice about the best practices for teaching gifted students online. Ms. Van Gemerts’ years of experience will help you create an online learning environment where gifted students excel. 

In this course, you’ll learn about:

  • How to differentiate instruction virtually
  • Meeting the social, emotional, and learning needs of gifted students virtually
  • Must-have tools for virtual learning
  • How to connect with parents of gifted students
  • Building evergreen assets
  • How to utilize virtual classroom settings

Using technology as a tool 

This timely course is perfect for all educators who want to improve their virtual learning experience. Any teacher who is in charge of teaching gifted students will benefit from this course and will walk away knowing how to best support them. 

This course is full of helpful information that gifted educators can use to make an immediate difference in their classroom. 

For example, differentiation is one of the most basic pedagogical techniques for teaching gifted students, but it can be difficult to figure out how to do it virtually. Ms. Van Gemert recommends using Google Forms or Boom Cards to create pre-assessment quizzes to see what your students already know. 

This course also includes a handout with links to every resource that Ms. Van Gemert talks about, making it easy to implement her ideas. After taking this course, you’ll be ready to make changes to your current virtual learning environment and help your gifted students succeed. 

Discover how to create a virtual learning environment that helps your gifted students thrive. Ready to take the next step? Take a look at our demo course to find out more. 

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